I won’t lie: I love flying inside. Maybe it’s the years of my parents telling me not to play in the house, but there is something exciting about working with a client where indoor flight is part of the job.

There are a few reasons you might want to shoot “aerials” in a building. Because a smooth flight can give you some really nice video without the expense of renting a track or a dolly, sometimes a drone is a more cost-effective option. If your building has high ceilings (like a large store or a warehouse), a drone can provide a perspective of your business that your customers normally wouldn’t be able to see.

If you are hiring a pilot to fly inside, know that there are a few additional challenges. Most drones use GPS for positioning; this allows the drone to hover in the same spot. Inside, there is no GPS. Fortunately, newer drones use infrared sensors to hover, but even so, your pilot will need to have some skill fly without the help of GPS.

Flying drones in enclosed spaces also creates lots of wind (think 4 powerful fans pointed at the floor). I learned the hard way that fliers, brochures and hangtags fly everywhere when a drone passes overhead. Even still, it was lots of fun, and I didn’t get grounded for flying inside.

Flying Drones Inside